How Do Forex Trading Robots Work And Are They Allowed?

The trick to getting better at making profit on the foreign exchange (Forex) market is having as much experience as possible. The longer you have traded for, the more familiar you will be with patterns and the more knowledgeable you will become. However, these days, patience is becoming harder to practice. Nearly everything we want […]

What Can We Learn From Unfortunate Market Predictions?

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The late Murray Walker once said that he did not make mistakes, but instead would make prophecies that immediately would be proven incorrect. Whilst he was referring to his somewhat unfortunate tendency to predict success for racing drivers who would almost immediately crash, his words could just as easily be about the difficulties in predicting […]

What Are The Different Forex Trading Funding Options Available?

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A Forex trader has to go through a rigorous process to pass their evaluation test for prop firm trading funding. After all, they have to prove they have the skills and knowledge to navigate the market and earn a profit for the company, as well as themselves. Once they have gone through the test, they […]

What Makes Some Stocks Defy Fundamental Analysis?

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One of the key aspects of stock trading is determining the value of a given asset and whether that value will increase or decrease over the length of a position. The goal of funded traders is to find stocks, assets and positions that will deliver the most value and thus the best returns within acceptable […]

How To Spot And Navigate A Market Bubble

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Over the past few years, one of the more complex and unpredictable aspects of investing, particularly for a proprietary trading firm that is carefully investing its own capital, is the emergence of financial bubbles. As people who made careful investments in Uranium in the mid-2000s, housing-related securities before 2007 and technology and online companies at […]

Trading Strategies That Help Secure Prop Firm Funding

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Getting funding from a prop-firm so you can pursue trading on the forex market is the goal for many budding traders, as it enables them to become active without risking their own cash. However, being accepted for funding can be a little like a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario, as the applicants need to prove their […]

How To Find The Best Funding Programme For You

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If you have ambitions of becoming a Forex trader but are just starting, the whole process can be somewhat daunting. That is why it can make so much sense to undertake the one-step evaluation, providing you with a ‘dry run’ that not only offers you the opportunity to show your potential funder what you can […]

The Advantages Of Joining A Prop Trading Firm As A Trader

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About Prop Trading Proprietary trading firms, or prop firms, are companies which provide traders with access to capital, aka money or funding, in order to trade with in exchange for a percentage of the profits the trader earns through trading.  The idea is that these companies supply traders with large amounts of capital which they […]

How Understanding Weaknesses Allows For Stronger Trades

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To understand how to be the best trader in forex, you also have to understand the ways other traders think.  Investing is a profession as much about people as it is about money, and this is even the case in forex trading which described in the most laconic terms possible is about using money to […]

What Is One-Step Evaluation And How Does It Work? 

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Traders who are considering applying for funding to help them trade in financial markets will have to learn a lot about the industry before they take the leap.  One of the first things to do is find out about prop firms, which provide capital for trading funds and gain a percentage of the profits in […]