What Can You NOT Do When Trading With A Prop Firm?

Black businessman checking global financial analytic on smartphone or trading on forex

There are many advantages of using a proprietary firm when trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) market, but if you want to benefit from these, it is important to adhere to the rules first. What is Forex trading? Prop firms are great for those just starting out, as well as traders who are more experienced […]

How Do You Know If Forex Trading Is Right For You?

Many people start the new year with grand plans to change their lives. They might want to start a new career, find a new partner, or relocate somewhere entirely different. They see the striking of midnight as a chance to reset their path, moving away from where they were heading before and finding a completely […]

What Are The Best Trading Strategies For 2024?

The start of the New Year is a time for resolutions and big plans. In people’s personal lives, these often involve things like the gym and diets and don’t make it beyond the end of January. But when it comes to making a successful living, it is all about what you can do to advance […]

What Causes Seismic Shifts In The Stock Market?

Attempting to predict the stock market, especially for a proprietary trading firm, can sometimes feel as futile as trying to predict the weather. In fact, there exist financial instruments that reward investors who can appropriately predict the weather or at least hedge against its potential negative effects. Both the weather and the stock market are […]

Top Forex Trading Success Stories To Date

Trading in the foreign exchange (Forex) market involves discipline and strategy, and it is only by using these two skills together that some people have been able to amass millions, and even billions, of dollars over the years. Of course, not everyone makes sky-high profits when they trade and day traders even make a living […]

What Role Can Scalping Play In Your Forex Strategy?

Some people imagine that Forex trading can be very glamorous, with brave and prescient trading bringing huge rewards. Sometimes, such as the way George Soros shorted the pound in 1992, reasoning, correctly, that it would be impossible to maintain Sterling in the ERM, these actions can make huge money and lots of headlines. This brought […]

Instant Funding Prop Firm vs. One Step: What’s the Difference?

Prop firms allow traders to access significant amounts of capital for trading financial instruments, enabling them to amplify their positions, and potentially enhance their profitability. Investopedia has more info about what a prop firm is – here. Additionally, traders in prop firms often benefit from the institution’s resources, support, and infrastructure, which fosters an environment […]

Forex Day Trading – Everything You Need To Know!

Stock trading graph price prediction and profit gain

There are many different ways to trade on the foreign exchange (Forex) market, from using prop firms for financial support to working with a smaller budget; pairing currencies you are familiar with to taking a bigger risk with those you do not know as well. You also need to choose between long-term investing, waiting to […]

When People Literally Played The Stock Market

One question that is often left unanswered but is often key to the success of a proprietary trading firm and its skilled team of funded traders is the question of motivation; what makes someone interested in trading stocks and shares? For some people, particularly during a boom period for the market, the answer is purely […]

How Political Events Can Shift Your Trading Strategy

If you are setting out as a trader and using trading funds to get started on a one-step basis, you may have a fairly simple, quite cautious approach in mind. That would make sense, as you will feel you need to find your feet and prove your competence and reliability before seeking to leverage further […]