The Advantages Of Joining A Prop Trading Firm As A Trader

Team of agent trading business people pointing graph and analysis stock market

About Prop Trading Proprietary trading firms, or prop firms, are companies which provide traders with access to capital, aka money or funding, in order to trade with in exchange for a percentage of the profits the trader earns through trading.  The idea is that these companies supply traders with large amounts of capital which they […]

How Understanding Weaknesses Allows For Stronger Trades

Male trader sitting at desk at office working on laptop

To understand how to be the best trader in forex, you also have to understand the ways other traders think.  Investing is a profession as much about people as it is about money, and this is even the case in forex trading which described in the most laconic terms possible is about using money to […]

What Is One-Step Evaluation And How Does It Work? 

Crypto trader sitting in front of computers, making professional analysis of candlestick chart

Traders who are considering applying for funding to help them trade in financial markets will have to learn a lot about the industry before they take the leap.  One of the first things to do is find out about prop firms, which provide capital for trading funds and gain a percentage of the profits in […]

How Do Prop Firms Work?

Controlling capital.

Prop firms, or proprietary firms, are companies which offer traders the opportunity to utilise their skills and knowledge of trading to make money and work for their firm.  Prop Firms  There are several key characteristics of prop firms that differentiate them from other types of trading firms and traders.  Prop firms are often high institutions […]

How A Long Forex Position Paid Off Incredibly Twice

Stock market or forex trading graph and chart for financial investment on monitor screen. Economy

Making a success on the forex market is a marathon rather than a sprint. It is about carefully using your resources and forex funding to stay on target in the long run, rather than rely on potentially lucrative but highly risky single trades. However, it would be wrong to say that there have been no […]

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