What Can You NOT Do When Trading With A Prop Firm?

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There are many advantages of using a proprietary firm when trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) market, but if you want to benefit from these, it is important to adhere to the rules first. What is Forex trading? Prop firms are great for those just starting out, as well as traders who are more experienced […]

Reasons Why Traders Might Be Losing Money

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The forex market is unlike any other trading market in the world, and whilst it contains opportunities that some other markets simply do not, it also has risks and traps for new traders that conventional stock markets do not. Because of this, forex is particularly prone to an economic form of the Pareto Principle; the […]

How To Protect Your Portfolio During Market Dips

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Volatility is the lifeblood of the forex market, and the way to make money with forex funding is to keep a clear head, form a strong, robust trading plan and focus on the long term, as money will flow in and out of forex on a daily basis. However, sometimes you notice an unexpected trend […]

The Conditions You Should Avoid Forex Trading In

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One of the most unique aspects of trading on the forex market is that it is not confined tospecific times, days and geographical barriers. From Sunday at 21:00 GMT/ 22:00 BST untilFriday at 20:00 GMT/21:00 BST, you can access a fast-paced, highly liquid market.Investing in the market using forex funding at different points of the […]

Como identificar e quebrar hábitos de negociação

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Whether you are an established day trader on the stock market or relatively new to investment but have shown promise on test accounts, there is a good chance that you have already established and developed not only a specific set of skills but a specific set of habits as well. These habits can vary from […]

Como lidar com as surpresas comerciais, o sucesso e o fracasso

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One of the best pieces of advice about trading came not from an investor but from a boxer, and that is that everyone has a plan until they get that first hit in the face. Whilst neither stock market day trading nor trading using forex funding is literally like taking a haymaker to the mouth, […]