When People Literally Played The Stock Market

One question that is often left unanswered but is often key to the success of a proprietary trading firm and its skilled team of funded traders is the question of motivation; what makes someone interested in trading stocks and shares? For some people, particularly during a boom period for the market, the answer is purely […]

How Political Events Can Shift Your Trading Strategy

If you are setting out as a trader and using trading funds to get started on a one-step basis, you may have a fairly simple, quite cautious approach in mind. That would make sense, as you will feel you need to find your feet and prove your competence and reliability before seeking to leverage further […]

How To Identify And Break Trading Habits

Trading strategy. Successful young trader in eyeglasses looking at analyzing trading charts on

Whether you are an established day trader on the stock market or relatively new to investment but have shown promise on test accounts, there is a good chance that you have already established and developed not only a specific set of skills but a specific set of habits as well. These habits can vary from […]

The Biggest Hazards To Avoid When ForexTrading

Businessman or trader analyzing forex chart and financial data on mobile phone screen

Trillions of pounds flow through the forex market every single day, and due to the unique quirks of the market compared to nearly every other type of regulated stock market in the world, big trades and events can happen 24 hours a day. This is part of the reason why forex trading is so popular […]

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